3D ToF camera has a long working distance

3D ToF technology has a long working distance. In theory, it can still sense real-time depth information within 5 meters. No matter whether the measured object has feature points or not, the ambient light is strong or weak, especially under extremely low light, ToF camera can still be obtained. Effective and precise depth of field information; in addition, ToF has high accuracy for long-distance measurement, the absolute accuracy of the ToF lens and the subject, and the relative accuracy between the subject can reach the level of centimeters, millimeters or even nanometers. Many consumer manufacturers are actively researching the application of ToF camera.
Unparalleled comprehensiveness of the DOMI tof camera portfolio allows customers to choose the best sensor chip for their system in terms of accuracy, resolution and integration. A common architecture is used between the QVGA and VGA versions, with the same pixel performance, allowing easy conversion for existing customers. We develop a comprehensive range of evaluation kits and software to help designers reduce lead times and save money when developing solutions for new projects.

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