Detailed introduction to the main application areas of ToF camera

ToF camera is also similar to the general machine vision imaging process, which is composed of several units such as light source, optical components, sensors, control circuits, and processing circuits. Compared with the binocular measurement system that belongs to the non-embedded 3D detection and has a very similar application field, ToF camera has a fundamentally different 3D imaging mechanism. The binocular stereo measurement is carried out through the triangulation method after matching the left and right stereo image pairs, while the ToF camera obtains the target distance through the detection of incoming and reflected light.
Current main application areas of ToF cameras include:
1. Logistics industry: Quickly obtain the throw weight of the package through the ToF camera to optimize packing and carry out freight assessment;
2. Security and monitoring: perform People counting to ensure that the number of people entering does not exceed the upper limit; realize statistical analysis and design of security systems by counting people flow or complex traffic systems;
3. Machine vision: industrial positioning, industrial guidance and volume estimation; replace the equipment that takes up a lot of space on the workstation and is based on infrared light for safe production control;
4. Robots: Provide better obstacle avoidance information in the field of automatic driving; guidance of robots in installation, quality control, and raw material picking applications;
5. Medical and biological: foot orthopedic modeling, patient activity/state monitoring, surgical assistance, facial 3D recognition;
6. Interactive entertainment: motion gesture detection, facial expression recognition, entertainment advertising

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