High-precision ToF camera for face recognition

The traditional face recognition technology is mainly two-dimensional face recognition based on visible light images. It has been developed for more than 30 years, and the technology is relatively mature, but this method has insurmountable defects – low recognition accuracy and slow system response, especially in When the ambient light changes, the recognition effect will drop sharply, which cannot meet the needs of the actual system. ToF camera face recognition technology has received extensive attention in recent years due to its advantages in accuracy, stability and speed, especially the ToF camera face recognition technology based on active near-infrared images has developed rapidly.

ToF camera face recognition not only greatly improves the recognition accuracy, but more importantly opens up a wider application space. For example, using ToF camera face recognition can directly obtain the consumer’s facial expressions, directly calculate the consumer’s biological age or Mental state, these functions will bring a new gameplay to human-computer interaction.

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