3D ToF Camera is the best choice for face recognition applications

3D ToF camera

ToF technology has broad development prospects, especially in the field of smart door locks. At present, face recognition door locks are becoming more and more popular due to advantages such as convenience, speed and safety. In addition to smart door locks, another major application of ToF is 3D smart security. ToF camera can not only perform 3D facial reshaping with high precision, but also monitor body posture in a long-distance, real-time, and accurate manner. It can be applied to fall protection for the elderly in homes, wards, nursing homes, bathrooms and other scenes. The ToF solution with peripheral processing capabilities can directly drive the alarm unit to give real-time alarms through three-dimensional detection. When it comes to security, many consumers will inevitably be concerned about the leakage of personal facial biological information. For this problem, the advantages of 3D ToF camera are even more prominent. The ToF solution can not record any two-dimensional, color and other private information, but only through 3D depth information. It can perform real-time and accurate detection, and consumers do not have to worry about information leakage. In addition, as part of the smart cockpit, the car can be used not only in application scenarios such as face recognition and unlocking, but also in scenarios such as DMS (Driver monitor system, driver status monitoring system). Combined with face recognition technology, it can be used for Detecting and reminding drivers of inattention, fatigue, calling, smoking and other behaviors can reduce and prevent traffic accidents, and further improve driving comfort and intelligence.DOMI believes that in the future, we will all experience the tremendous convenience that 3D ToF camera brings to our lives.

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