Why are ToF cameras rarely used in cars?

Oct 22, 2021

Why do you rarely hear about the application of ToF cameras in cars? There are two reasons. One is that the face recognition Face ID on the B-pillar has just appeared. In this application, it is the ToF camera. Many emerging cars will start to use this feature next year, the face car key. The second is that the light source of early ToF was also near infrared, and VCSEL was only recently switched to. Only VCSEL can realize the potential of ToF.

LEDs have low power density, low pulse speed, low efficiency, and low wavelength stability, and are acceptable for consumer electronics. The biggest disadvantage is that the FOV is narrow, which is acceptable for handheld devices, but not for use in cars.However, VCSEL has made rapid progress, and ToF has finally achieved positive results.

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