3d depth camera for smartphones

With the use of the 3d depth camera, smartphone can obtain rich image information. By integrating this information, the functions of low-Light Photography, Backlight in photography, HDR and other functions can be further improved; in addition, AI technology will also be integrated with other technologies to produce more The fun photography function, in addition to further improving AI unlocking, AI scene recognition, Animoji and other functions, more face AR interaction and somatosensory interaction may be the main direction in the future.
3d depth camera solution is widely used in smartphones. Compared with the structured light solution, the 3d depth camera solution has the following advantages:
The 3d depth camera solution is relatively simple, with high precision and easy integration.
3d depth camera does not need to maintain a certain baseline between the transmitter and receiver, even if the baseline is zero, so the tof module volume is small. Ideal for smartphone.
3D depth camera can control the range of use through the transmission power, which is suitable for front-facing 3D face applications that use close distances, and can also be used in fields such as 3D scene scanning and augmented reality that use farther distances. The application scenarios are very rich.

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