What are the components of tof sensor used for people counting ?

TOF sensor used for counting people typically consists of several components, including:
Infrared Light Source: This component emits pulses of infrared light, which are used to measure the distance to objects or people.
Photodiode Detector: This component detects the reflected infrared light and converts it into an electrical signal.
Signal Processing Circuitry: This component processes the electrical signal from the photodiode and calculates the distance to the object or person.
Microcontroller: This component controls the operation of the TOF sensor and manages the data processing and storage.
Power Supply: The TOF sensor requires a power source to operate, typically a battery or external power supply.
Housing: The components of the TOF sensor are housed in a protective casing, which may be designed to be mounted on a wall or ceiling or integrated into a device or system.
Depending on the specific design and application of the TOF sensor, there may be additional components such as lenses or filters to optimize the performance of the sensor in different lighting conditions or to enhance the accuracy of the distance measurements. Additionally, some TOF sensors may include wireless communication capabilities, allowing them to transmit data to a central server or other devices in real-time.

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