What are the applications of tof sensor in the Internet of Things?

It is well known that tof sensor has a wide range of applications. In addition to the applications that everyone knows about smart phones, there are many other applications, such as the Internet of Things. Recently, the Internet of Things has been discussed. What applications will the tof sensor have?

In the Internet of Things scenario, smart home, smart security, smart retail, people counting, ToF sensors are used to identify and track the human body, not only the current face recognition mode, the recognition accuracy can be improved through in-depth information; in autonomous driving/car In the field of internal perception, ToF sensors can also become important components for vehicle lidar, human body recognition in the vehicle, and gesture recognition in the vehicle. At present, many companies also implant ToF sensors in AGVs and robot arms for precise navigation and real-time obstacle avoidance.

In general, for 2D recognition technologies that did not have in-depth information before, ToF sensors can greatly increase the dimensionality of recognition, and improve the safety, comprehensiveness and accuracy of recognition.

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