Visual navigation + ToF sensor makes robot vacuum cleaning easier

Why is ToF technology used as a new technology in robot vacuums? Rather than laser-navigated robot vacuum, as the two mainstream navigation methods at present, which one can combine with them to make robot vacuum smarter? In fact, the launch of the Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 1T has already given the answer. The application of ToF technology to the robot vacuum of the visual navigation version is the new trend of the future intelligent robot vacuum.

Tof sensor allows the robot vacuum to clearly identify the nearby distance and surrounding environment. In addition to identifying large-scale obstacles, it also takes into account small obstacles such as socks and data lines. It analyzes and outputs IR, depth, and point cloud information through powerful algorithms to achieve precise avoidance.

Robot vacuum can save people’s cleaning time and free our hands, so precise obstacle avoidance and navigation are very important, and the laser navigation radar is far from satisfying. Therefore, in the future, Robot vacuum that work based on the principle of visual navigation will cooperate ToF technology can accurately identify the attributes of specific objects, so as to accurately determine what objects should be cleaned and what objects do not need to be cleaned. Real technology changes lives and makes cleaning easier.


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