ToF sensors has a variety of applications in smartphones

Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors are commonly used in smartphones. ToF sensors use infrared light to calculate the distance between the sensor and an object in front of it. DOMI ToF sensors technology has a variety of applications in smartphones, including:

Camera autofocus: ToF sensors can be used to measure the distance between the camera and the subject being photographed, allowing the camera to quickly and accurately focus on the subject.

3D mapping: ToF sensors can create a 3D map of the environment, which can be used for augmented reality applications and indoor navigation.

Facial recognition: ToF sensors can accurately detect and measure facial features, which can be used for facial recognition and unlocking the phone.

Gestural control: ToF sensors can detect hand and finger movements, which can be used to control the phone without touching the screen.

ToF sensors are an important technology that can enhance the functionality and user experience of smartphones.welcome to consult.

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