ToF sensor help to improve the safety of automotive

Nov 1, 2021

ToF sensor help to improve the safety of automotive, it is inseparable from its superior technical advantages. At present, the means to implement 3D solutions can be divided into the following three types of mainstream technologies: structured light, binocular vision, and ToF flight time. Compared with the other two 3D depth vision solutions, ToF has significant advantages in practical applications.

Among the three mainstream sensing technologies, RGB binoculars are characterized by being close to human perception, but cannot accurately extract depth data; while structured light is more accurate than the distance information obtained by RGB binoculars, but it is only suitable for close distances. And 3D data information collection in a specific scene. In contrast, ToF sensor technology not only has a wider range of adaptation, from short distances and long distances, and the information extracted is also very accurate. Specific to DOMI ToF technology, this technology can achieve VGA image resolution and accuracy, while also having lower power consumption and occupying space. The depth data can effectively increase the image recognition and achieve the accuracy of object judgment.
Tof sensor module developed by DOMI has a better detection angle and more accurately measure the distance between the object and the car. Therefore, it can provide a wider range of collision detection prevention for applications such as car reversing systems, door opening protection systems, parking assist systems, and blind spot detection.

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