ToF camera for various applications

DOMI has a variety of tof camera product lines, with multiple product lines for customers to choose from: one is a ToF depth camera, and the other is an RGB-D depth camera. we can customize the product size, interface, parameter performance, etc. according to the individual needs of users. At present, ToF camera products are closely cooperating with customers in robotics, smart logistics, financial security, new retail, consumer entertainment, industrial automation, AR/VR, 3D scanning and other industries.
DOMI tof camera provides customized services and support for different distances, different sizes, different interfaces, and different FOVs. For example, USB2.0 interface, USB3.0 interface, MIPI interface and industrial Ethernet interface, etc.; for different distances, the short distance can be 10 cm, the long distance can be 10 meters+, and the current internal test is 15 meters products; for different size requirements, with a variety of size specifications tof camera. Through DOMI customized design and services, it brings customers a more accurate user experience in 3D scenes.

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