ToF camera for face recognition of building management and increased security

Jan 29, 2022

ToF camera is the preferred method of depth sensing due to its smaller form factor, wider dynamic sensing range, and ability to work in a variety of environments. ToF camera detection technology, which has been applied to smartphones, consumer electronics and gaming devices, will not be limited to the consumer market in the future. As the technology matures further, there will be opportunities to leverage mainstream manufacturing processes to improve system efficiency from design, manufacturing, and cargo transportation.

Logistics, quality inspection, navigation, robotics, face recognition, security, surveillance, safety, healthcare, and unmanned driving, all of these applications have the opportunity to use tof cameras to solve many problems that traditional 2D technology can’t do. Combining high-resolution depth data with powerful classification algorithms and AI will unlock many new application directions. For example, in people counting applications, with the continuous improvement of tof camera resolution and depth accuracy, it will become easier to distinguish and track people. The use of artificial intelligence can greatly improve the confidence level of classification, thereby driving the emergence of new emerging application areas. A good example is the commercial automatic door opening feature, especially in areas with strong sunlight. tof cameras contribute to efficient building management and increase safety.

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