In which application areas have VCSELs been used so far?

In which application areas have VCSELs been used so far?

In the ToF technology, the VCSEL output beam of the flood illuminator does not need to be coded, so the design will be simpler, response speed more faste, the performance will be good in dark and strong light environments, and the detection distance longer. The combination of ToF technology and VCSEL will be more widely used. So far, in which application areas has vcsel been used?

VCSELs are used across a wide range of applications due to their advantages of compact size, low energy demand and high reliability. In general VCSELs are a good choice for all application fields where high-speed modulation is an advantage.

The favorable manufacturing cost ratio and high reliability have led to an increased use of VCSELs in mobile and consumer electronics. There are already first application examples in the consumer mobile device segment. 3D sensing is also being integrated with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) – either for smart glasses or future smartphones and other mobile devices.

The rising use of electrical systems in automobiles is another factor fueling the growth of the VCSEL market. In the automotive sector, the technology is expected to be used for applications such as gesture recognition, driver monitoring or sensors for (semi) autonomous driving.

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