High-performance tof camera for people counting

In recent years, more industries have begun to use people counting to obtain passenger flow data information to help companies improve management performance and scientific business decision-making, and directly benefit from fierce competition. People counting is a very important market research method, especially a key link that must be carried out before a commercial enterprise conducts business analysis and management decisions.
Application of tof camera technology has also received more and more attention, and has been well developed in many applications. People counting is a very important data indicator for all walks of life. It can be said that people counting is the basis for accurate marketing. There are three main types of passenger flow statistics: infrared people counting, WIFI people counting, and tof camera people counting.
Infrared passenger flow statistics technology: The passenger flow statistics are carried out according to the interception of the infrared rays between the human body. However, for a relatively wide doorway, it is not suitable for places with a large number of people.
WIFI passenger flow statistics technology: It uses the smart phone mac address to count the number of people, which can count the number of consumers in the store according to the mobile phone, and track the consumer’s movement trajectory in the store according to the IP of the mobile phone and judge the new and old customers. However, due to the use of mobile phones, there are factors such as one person carrying multiple mobile phones, turning off the wireless signal of the mobile phone or shutting down the mobile phone, and the statistical data is inaccurate.

ToF camera for people counting: tof camera people counting accuracy is high, and can be combined with face recognition system. And the algorithm is simple, convenient for data transmission, less affected by light, suitable for use in various environments, fast response, high accuracy, tof camera technology is an ideal choice for people counting applications.
Based on the ToF technology DOMI has developed a variety of tof camera products for people counting and passenger flow counting. For example, the DMOM2508CL tof camera can integrate image acquisition, passenger flow statistical analysis, and data transmission; optical sensors based on TOF technology, infrared LED tubes for active lighting, and main control processors and drivers; integrated high-performance digital processors for real-time Image analysis, output bidirectional count value through Ethernet interface, module is powered by POE, easy to implement wiring, very easy for user integration.

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