Excellent performance of tof camera is widely used in the field of consumer electronics

Feb 15, 2022

As the core of the ToF camera, each pixel of the ToF chip records the phase of the incident light going back and forth between the camera and the object. The sensor structure is similar to a normal image sensor, but more complex than an image sensor. It contains 2 or more shutters to sample reflected light at different times. For this reason, ToF camera chip pixels are much larger than general image sensor pixels, generally about 100um. Both the irradiation unit and the ToF sensor require high-speed signal control to achieve high depth measurement accuracy. Due to the excellent performance of tof camera, it is widely used in the field of consumer electronics.
In addition, whether it is fixed or mobile, ToF camera devices can be used as an excellent input device. The gesture recognition capability of ToF cameras is especially suitable for consumer electronics, such as games, handheld devices and home entertainment. ToF camera devices provide an intuitive interface for games and can completely replace remote controls, mice and touch screens.

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