Application of tof camera in education industry

At present, the application of tof camera in the education industry is very common, whether it is in classrooms, parenting education, university classrooms or even scientific research, it has good use value.
Realize ideas into specific items through software and hardware. In order to improve efficiency,use tof camera to scan physical objects, and the generated 3D model can be directly printed after simple modification. The operation of tof camera scanning, 3D design software and 3D printer, you can Let students’ creativity quickly change from concept to reality, and exercise spatial thinking and creative thinking.

ToF camera can print the resources of the model according to the teaching needs, and if similar models are redesigned every time, it will take a lot of time. If combined with the tof camera, the basic 3D model can be quickly established, and it can be easily processed. To achieve the desired effect, it is very convenient for building a model resource library.
More art schools are using tof cameras in the classroom. Students’ 3D work can be scanned to generate solid images or new versions of models can be made using rapid prototyping machines.

ToF camera provides new ways to create and design for learning, bridging the gap between reality and virtuality. Students are spared unnecessary waste of energy and can focus on demonstrating their creativity.

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