3D ToF camera makes AR and VR more functional

ToF (Time of Flight) ranging technology is to obtain the distance to the target by continuously sending light pulses to the target, and using the sensor to receive the light returned from the object to detect the flight (round-trip) time of the light pulse to obtain the distance to the target. Protection, anti-outdoor light, wide viewing angle, high frame rate and other outstanding features.
3D ToF camera With smaller hardware size, wider dynamic sensing range and continuous working ability in complex environments, 3D ToF camera has been deeply applied in various fields for a long time, and has been gradually applied in consumer electronics and game equipment in recent years smart security and other fields, it has become the preferred depth sensing solution for many industries.
March 2020, the new iPad Pro released by Apple is equipped with a 3D ToF camera, which can measure the photons reflected back within 5 meters in a very short time in nanoseconds . Coupled with the Pro-level camera, 3D tof camera and iPadOS software architecture, it can not only take the iPad to measure height, AR games, but also AR decoration and explore more possibilities of AR augmented reality.

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