3D ToF Camera for 3D modeling and AR & VR

Jan 10, 2022

Development of 5G and the Internet of Things has promoted the continuous increase in the demand for three-dimensional perception capabilities of various smart devices. ToF has become the mainstream 3D sensing solution with its cost advantages and excellent real-time perception capabilities. Especially in the field of smart phones, the maturity and application of 3D ToF technology can be regarded as one of the trends worth paying attention to in smart phones.

The performance of 3D TOF technology is also getting better and better, and it has excellent performance in various fields. For example, in smart phones, tof camera’s performance in dark light focusing and moving focusing speed far exceeds traditional phase detection autofocus), greatly Improve the shooting experience.

Application of 3D ToF camera in smartphones, in addition to taking pictures, has a variety of applications, including 3D modeling, AR/VR and more scenes. Compared with traditional RGB Modeling, which only has image information, the modeling speed is slower. Compared with the single-camera modeling solution, the reconstruction effect of simple or pure-color complex-shaped objects is not good. 3D ToF camera has an outstanding advantage in 3D modeling. . Based on the advantages of TOF, DOMI has developed a variety of tof camera products that can perform 3D modeling with high performance and best modeling quality, and accurately, truly and quickly restore the scanned target. Shapes and textures. By fusing TOF information with RGB information, high-quality depth information can be obtained even in low light, helping to obtain a more natural and true background blur effect in low-light scenes.

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