3d depth camera greatly improves the accuracy of AR & VR experience

The 3D depth camera is applied to mobile phones to bring stereo vision, adding functions such as face unlocking, payment, and distance measurement. Apple created a precedent for the 3D depth camera in 2017. Apple’s new iPad Pro is accelerating the advancement of the rear-mounted 3D camera.
As the best 3D interactive input terminal, 3D depth camera enhance the AR experience. It can provide 3D information, reduce the complexity and calculation of AR algorithms, and can significantly improve the drawing of the AR experience. At the same time, a smartphone depth camera will be added, which can achieve augmented reality with a strong sense of reality: It can complete on-site virtual objects in real time, with realistic object occlusion effects, and allows virtual objects to intersperse back and forth in the structure of the real scene. It can even realize height measurement, AR games, decoration, animation, etc.
IPad pro with 3d depth camera can provide a more realistic and smooth AR gaming experience, and even use AR to play realistic online games.

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