ToF sensors can be called the “eyes” of robots

ToF sensors can be called the “eyes” of robots and are gaining momentum in automotive autonomous driving, industrial LiDAR systems, and consumer electronics. In the automotive field, AR head-up display (HUD) functions can provide a comfortable and safe driving experience. The driver can pass virtual information based on the AR display. Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) can utilize AR-based display of visual alerts. The growing demand for AR and projection in the automotive industry is driving the growth of the ToF sensor market. VR systems are also increasingly being used in entertainment, education, medical and industrial sectors. VR can help users simulate complex tasks in a virtual space.
By utilizing ToF sensors in VR devices to measure distances to objects, users can more easily achieve lifelike experiences in virtual spaces through sophisticated and accurate position/motion detection. In 3D mapping, indoor navigation, gesture recognition, object scanning and other scenarios, ToF sensors are very suitable for the above applications. DOMI ToF sensors can accurately measure distances at extremely high speeds, such as occupancy detection, face recognition, people counting, and more. DOMI ToF sensor meets human eye safety standards and can greatly improve the performance of laser autofocus, touch focus, presence detection and gesture interfaces, while helping developers develop more innovative imaging applications.

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