ToF sensor and structured light, which is more suitable for mobile phone applications?

In fact, ToF sensor and structured light are both three-dimensional imaging technologies, which can also unlock the face in a non-light source environment, and can also make financial security payments. In contrast, the advantage of ToF sensor is that the module is simple. In a smartphone compare other components the ToF takes up less space, and it can even be drilled in the screen, but the cost is that the accuracy is not as good as the structured light; and the structured light is in The accuracy is higher at close range, which makes structured light more suitable for face recognition, and its security level makes many mobile phones directly cancel fingerprint recognition, thus using structured light as the only biometric identification method. But more components also take up more space and cost more.
ToF sensor has a wider application scenario, which can achieve long-distance detection, whether it is placed in the front or back. So far, structured light is currently only used for face recognition, and there is no mobile phone that uses structured light for rear-facing. In contrast, ToF sensor may be better.

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