Tof camera is more widely used in smartphones

Tof camera supports longer monitoring distance, and it has widely used in more scenes such as 3D modeling and recognition, somatosensory games, AR/VR, etc., so as to provide an entertaining and practical experience for smartphones. Compared with structured light technology, Tof camera is relatively simple, can be very small and durable. With the designs of higher screen-to-body ratio by smartphones, Tof camera is more and more widely used in smart phones.

Tof camera has a better depth-of-field capture function. After adding the smart phone rear camera module, it can achieve fast and long-distance acquisition of more high-precision depth information, so as to complete a larger range of 3D modeling than structured light, and because of its built-in Infrared light source, the depth of field information obtained in the dark environment is also accurate. Therefore, the imaging with Tof camera will be more real and rich in blur effect, which can bring a better portrait mode experience.



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