ToF camera is applied in door lock to make it more intelligent and convenient

ToF camera can be used in smart door locks to achieve many functions. The first is to do face recognition monitoring. Because the obtained 3D information can ensure safety and will not be deceived by photos or other information, the other function is to pre-wake, we Knowing that the general face module runs on Linux system, due to the limitation of the startup time of the system itself, it usually takes about 1~2S from power down to wake up to get the first frame of image, although the absolute time is not very long, but everyone is designing the scheme If the system startup time cannot continue to be optimized, you can consider using the ToF Sensor for pre-wakeup, that is, when the ToF Sensor detects someone, it can trigger an interrupt in advance, wake up the face recognition module, save the system response time, improve the user experience.
Tof camera is applied in door lock to make it more intelligent and convenient
Sensing light: there is someone within the monitoring range of the tof camera, the light is on, and the light is turned off after a delay of a few seconds when the person leaves
Smart lock: monitor whether someone is gradually approaching and finally stop in front of the tof camera, if there is an automatic start face recognition system
Measuring distance: measuring distance 20cm-5M
Support multi-target monitoring, not affected by light.

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