ToF camera has great potential in IoT applications

ToF camera transmits modulated light pulses through an infrared transmitter. After encountering the reflection of the object, the receiver receives the reflected light pulse, and calculates the distance to the object according to the round-trip time of the light pulse. According to the principle, the early application of ToF technology is relatively simple, that is, it is used for ranging. However, with the continuous expansion of the application of ToF technology, ToF cameras have entered people’s field of vision mainly in the field of smartphones and tablets, and are mainly concentrated in 3D ToF image sensors. Since ToF cameras are currently mainly used in the imaging field, it is 3D recognition. The new darling of the Internet of Things, the application of the Internet of Things has great potential.

No matter which mobile phone manufacturer it is, the latest smartphones have at least 2 cameras, which seems to be one of the few ideas that manufacturers can do on mobile phones in recent years. Many users think that multiple cameras are just Manufacturers use to improve camera performance, but this is not the case. When ToF cameras gradually became the standard configuration of smartphones, the purpose of multiple cameras gradually emerged, which can be used for multi-scene recognition applications, such as front and rear cameras for gesture recognition or facial 3D recognition for secure payments, and AR/VR is also the application direction of ToF camera in 3D perception.

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