ToF camera for gesture recognition of drones

ToF camera sensor on a drone or ground based system has numerous powerful uses.such gesture recognition for drones.
The tof camera is used for the gesture recognition of drones and can be divided into two categories: “gestures” and “non-gestures”. Gesture apps emphasize the interaction and speed between people. Non-gesture applications emphasize measurement accuracy.

Gesture applications convert human movements (face, hands, fingers or whole body) into symbolic instructions to command game consoles, smart TVs or portable computing devices.
For example, you can complete channel surfing by waving your hand, and you can use flashing fingers to scroll through the presentation. These applications usually require fast response time, low to mid range, centimeter-level accuracy and power consumption.
Many drones on the market have gesture modes, which are very useful for taking selfies of drones. DJI Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 Pro use gesture mode.
For example, DJI Mavic Air uses advanced gestures and face recognition for flying and shooting. In general, the future will see more drones enter the market, gesture modes and new autonomous flight modes, ToF camera will also play its role.

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