ToF camera for distance detection has been developed more maturely and widely

ToF camera for distance detection has been developed more maturely and widely. For example, the distance sensing of mobile phones (automatically turns off the screen when answering a call), the laser-assisted focusing of mobile phone cameras when taking pictures, and the laser focusing of projectors; obstacle avoidance of smart homes such as home robots and robot vacuum; enhanced user experience, such as smart Home screen, children’s education panel – automatically light up when approaching, body temperature detection and gate control assistance – pre-start when someone is approaching, etc.
In the field of tof camera applications, there are several segmentations for post-3D perception application scenarios in the mobile field. One is photography assistance: it is mainly reflected in the enhancement of the scene depth data for the blurring of the photo background and the enhancement of the zoom capability. At the same time, it will also expand to AR and games. The front tof camera can be applied to more interactive development (such as gesture operation), face recognition, etc.

In addition to smartphones, smart homes, AR/VR devices, home robots, and smart TVs are all application directions. For now, applications in these fields are still in the early stages of development. In fact, this part of the market is transitioning from 3D imaging to 3D perception, where robots can understand their surroundings and develop new ways of interacting.

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