DMOM2508CL tof camera is the perfect solution for people counting

DMOM2508CL tof camera is the perfect solution for people counting applications.that relies on high-performance 320×240 QVGA resolution 3D ToF image sensor combined with tracking and detection algorithms to count the number of occupants present in a given area. The camera sensor with ToF pixels allows 3D imaging with high resolution andaccuracy. The sensor technology is developed in standard CMOS, allowing systems to achieve very high integration at low cost. Because ToF image sensor processes visual data in three dimensions, they can detect the exact shape of the human body and track the movement and location of people with exceptional precision, including subtle movement changes. For this reason, ToF cameras are potentially
capable of performing real-time people counting and people tracking functions much more effectively than traditional surveillance cameras and video analytics.

DMOM2508CL tof camera product specification

No. Parameter Description
1 Sensor global shutter
2 Resolution 320*240
3 Pixel size 15um
4 Sensor Size 1/3”
5 Dimensions 21.00mm * 9.50mm * 6.33mm
6 Frame rate 10-30fps
7 Measurement range 0.2-2m
8 FOV 71.8°(H) * 56.6°(V)
9 Distortion <2.5%
10 Illumination 940nm,3W
11 Input Clock 27MHz
12 Power Supply Sensor:3.3V single power supply,>=300mA


13 Power consumption 340mW,Typ
14 Depth accuracy <=1%/<=1cm
15 Interface MIPI CSI-2,2 lanes
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