Combination of ToF camera and smart lock makes smart home more secure

ToF camera solutions can be used in various consumer electronics platforms, automotive, industrial, IoT, and more, such as face recognition applications in mobile devices, gesture and person recognition in home systems, robot navigation, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for vehicles ).

ToF camera has excellent applicability, and has the characteristics of small size, long and short detection distance, small identification blind spot, convenient installation and calibration, low cost, no Motion Blur problem, and low requirements for SoC computing power. And with the increasing demand for automatic door opening without sensory recognition, ToF applications have great advantages in the field of door locks.

Combination of the DOMI ToF camera and the smart lock forms a three-dimensional machine vision, which can dynamically capture three-dimensional face information in real time and around the clock, subverting the commonly used 2D plane image comparison technology in the industry, and making face recognition more accurate. DOMI ToF camera can provide customers with a complete set of 3D face recognition solutions through algorithms, which can be applied to multiple scenarios such as smart door locks, face access control, and gate passages. DOMI ToF camera is fully adapted to the strong light, backlight, darkness and other operating environments of smart door locks, and can support a complete depth map output up to 1.5 meters, which are technical requirements that traditional binocular and structured light cameras cannot achieve. It can effectively exclude plane photos, masks, and 3D printing imitation unlocking, eliminate the potential safety hazards of face recognition smart locks, and provide all-round intelligent protection for residents. Embedded smart door locks will have built-in cameras, which can AI identify suspicious people in front of the door and take pictures and push them to the user’s mobile APP.

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